Galerie de Zulden

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Galerie de Zulden Empty
Galerie de Zulden

Bonjour et bienvenue dans ma galerie!

Hello and welcome to my gallery!

It's a little empty at the moment but hopefully there will be some more stuff as we go.

C'est un peu vide pour le moment, mais j'espère qu'il y aura encore plus de choses au fur et à mesure que nous allons.

Attention: contient du sang.
Warning: Contains some blood.

Galerie de Zulden From_s12

weird... the picture got smaller even though it already is 800 px wide... : (

Well anyway, This drawing was done last evening. It's two characters from a story I've been working on for a while. It's about a dystopian world where monsters and mutants are rampaging and threatens the cities and their inhabitants. And here are two police officers employed to help protect the cities from them, one mutant monster and the other one, a regular human. These two are going to be part of the main cast.

Their designs are not finalized yet so expect to see various concepts, particularly the human.

Ce dessin a été fait le soir dernier. C'est deux personnages d'une histoire que j'ai travaillé pendant un moment. Il s'agit d'un monde dystopique où les monstres et les mutants se propagent et menacent les villes et leurs habitants. Et voici deux agents de police employés pour aider à protéger les villes, un monstre mutant et l'autre humain régulier. Ces deux vont faire partie de la distribution du personnage principal.

Leurs conceptions ne sont pas encore terminées, alors attendez-vous à voir différents concepts, en particulier l'humain.

"Dessin 2: RPG Challenge Enemy"]Galerie de Zulden Rpg_en10

This is a drawing to the RPG challenge I partook in before I got busy with school.
It's a concept for a "weak enemy". Beware of their stop signs!

C'est un dessin au défi RPG que j'ai occupé avec l'école.
C'est un concept pour un ennemi "faible". Attention à leurs panneaux d'arrêt!

Dessin Web Comic Concept:
[/url]Galerie de Zulden Concep10

Protagonist concept for my latest Web Comic idea / Concept protagoniste pour ma plus récente idée de Web Comic.

More to come soon.

Plus à venir bientôt.

I don't speak french so pardon the errors that appear in my french translation of the text!
Hopefully you'll still be able to decipher what I'm trying to say! ^^'

Je ne parle pas français pour pardonner les erreurs qui apparaissent dans ma traduction française du texte!
J'espère que vous pourrez toujours déchiffrer ce que j'essaie de dire! ^^'


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Galerie de Zulden :: Commentaires


Message le Ven 2 Juin 2017 - 13:25 par Zulden

Merci Bearest!

Haha, Indeed! I went a bit overboard with him! ^^'

I tried to compensate by giving him some silly accessories. Also covering up one of the swords end by wrapping it in a big soft pillow! xD

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Message le Ven 2 Juin 2017 - 10:28 par Bearest

Nice style :)
We can see you know what you're doing haha
If i had one thing to say, it would be about your "weak ennemy". I think the design is maybe too precise to make a weak ennemy. Most of the time, low level ennemies have simpler designs, or have almost no emotions. With all these weapons, details, and with that smirk, he looks more like a rival.
But graphically speaking, it's great :)

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Message le Ven 2 Juin 2017 - 7:10 par Zulden

Merci Aramis! ^^

Haha, yeah! Thanks Liaelin! I would be delighted if you could edit my post! : D

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Message le Mer 31 Mai 2017 - 21:24 par Phalae

I love it. Super.

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Message le Mer 31 Mai 2017 - 19:42 par Liaelin

Omggg ! I didn't get that it was them in the first drawing ! >u<

Do you want me or anyone else to correct your french and edit your post ? :p

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